Questions To Consider When Hiring a Management Company

Are you familiar with your management contract?

The community developer chooses a management company who is retained by the homeowner’s association when it assumes control.This contract should be reviewed by the homeowner’s association to ensure that individual community needs are being met.

Are you receiving the services you are paying for?

A management company’s services can be broken down into two primary areas:General Management and Accounting Services. Management company’s contracts with homeowner associations vary significantly.By design, homeowner associations are self-managing and have a tendency to control the majority of general management while contracting full accounting services.However, a company can be contracted to provide all or selective management services in a manner that facilitates an association’s individual needs.

Do you need to change your management company?

Individualizing your homeowner needs may reduce your management fees. Braesael management would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs.Braesael offers a full range of cost effective management and accounting services.

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Management Services

Homeowner’s Covenants

Addressing covenant violations

Work together with committees

Frequent neighborhood visits 

Master Homeowner List

Maintain lists of homeowners sorted by street and/or name

Work with Attorneys, Realtors, and Builders to update the list with new owners

Financial Planning

Capital Funding for future projects

Maintaining Long-Term Plan

Annual Budgeting


Service Contracts

Review current contracts

Obtain new bids periodically


Accounting Services


Scheduled billing of Homeowner’s dues

Collect and record payments

Delinquent statements



Write checks

Make deposits

Reconciliation of Accounts


Payroll Services

Prepare payroll checks

Maintain payroll records

Prepare quarterly payroll filings


Comprehensive reports i.e…

  Budget vs. Actual

  Income & Expense

  Balance Sheet 


Tax Filings

1120-H Corporate Return

1099’s and W-2’s

Quarterly Payroll

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